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Angelheim 70cm ZIONS are IN   
02:04pm 07/12/2009
  The Angelheim 70cm ZION is now IN STOCK at http://www.junkyspot.com

Here's his promo pic...

And his "real life" pic I took today...I didn't have a wig handy and didn't bother to attach the snakes but...



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Free Shipping Event   
04:56pm 04/12/2009

ShipMeFree Event: Valid NOW through Christmas on http://www.junkyspot.com

Applies to:
CONTINENTAL USA Customers only.
No PO Boxes, No AFO/APO Address (physical address only).
This applies to current inventory in stock only, not for Preorder Items.

All Orders of $299 or more, from now until Christmas, will receive FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING. Again, this is for Continental USA Customers only, with no PO Box addresses, nor AFO/APO address.

enter voucher in cart:

If you do not meet the qualifications as detailed in the points above, please do not enter this voucher code as your order will simply be delayed as we send you another invoice for shipping.

Thank you, and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Dragon Doll Xiu Limited   
04:55pm 04/12/2009
  Just some quick shots of the Dragon Doll 60cm Xiu Limited. $366. http://www.junkyspot.com

More images under the cut.

CLICK HERECollapse )

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Mr Super Clear Flat and Flat UV Back In Stock   
09:05am 21/11/2009
  Mr Super Clear Flat and Flat UV Back In Stock at The Junky Spot
Available in the Modeling section of the website at http://www.junkyspot.com

Available for USA customers only.

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60cm DragonDolls are Now In Stock   
08:31am 21/11/2009
  Received in the following DragonDolls. Available at http://www.junkyspot.com
I'll have to take some of my own shots, I do really like them so much better in person than from their original shots.

60cm Xiu Limited $366 with faceup

60cm Di $306 with faceup

60cm Cheng $366 with faceup
note: Cheng comes on the Uncle body.

And the 60cm Uncle Body
note: ummm comes with 3 magnetic err appendages...

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Angel of Dream Hao and Ying now in stock   
08:23am 21/11/2009
  Quick note, we received the Angel of Dream 60cm Hao and Ying in on Friday, now available on www.junkyspot.com

From Angel of Dream:
60cm Hao (Boy) $300 with faceup

60cm Ying (Girl) $300 with faceup

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New Shipments   
07:26pm 14/11/2009
  Today brings a restock on some of the most popular dolls ever made, as well as some new dolls from Bobobie!

All available at http://www.junkyspot.com

We've restocked on 70cm Weylin and Long, 44cm Song, Ju, and Jun! Also added today are limited quantities of 70cm Feng, 68cm Chun and Lian, and 60cm Dai! Nab em before we sell out, we couldn't get as many as we would like to keep in stock...

Last week, some of the top favorite 44cms are back in stock, such as Xi-Aleister with Clockwork Extreme Faceup, Fullset Hid, Mo, Megi, and the NEW Aaron and Lola!


Also back in stock are 60cm Yuu, and the NEW 58cm Girls Morphoa, Beetta, Violeta, and Clovera!


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Arte Tokio available for Special Order at The Junky Spot   
07:59pm 22/10/2009
  Now Available for Special Order. Arte Tokio Silicone Dolls.

I don't normally even WANT to do Special Orders for manufacturer's products, but there's too many options and the larger dolls are expensive as hell, PLUS there's a 2 month lead time on top of that, so I figured the best way to handle it is to allow special order of Arte Tokio products. However, UNLIKE most "special order everything" shops, once an order or deposit is paid, we'll be putting in your order right away...not waiting for a bunch of orders.

A couple special notes about these dolls:
1) You don't want to "play" with them the way you would play with other dolls. These silicone dolls are ment more for display, with occasional changing of posing. Apparantly the wiring inside can wear out if you play with it alot.
2) If you want body blushing, you should order it with body blushing. Here's a note from the manufacturer regarding this:
[i]It is not possible to paint by using usual ink for silicon.
We are using the special ink that our company make.
Therefore, we do not encourage the customer to paint.[/i]
3) The optional "metal frame" for the 55 and 60cm dolls that is on their website is not available, nor will it be available. They have stopped allowing that option but haven't removed it from their website. The dolls are still wired however.
4) Regular body sets do not come with head.
5) I can special order anything else they make. You can view their website at artetokio.com A 33.3% nonrefundable deposit will be required.

Now, on to the dolls.


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Impldoll 63.5cm Christopher and 64cm Ekin have arrived!   
01:37pm 20/10/2009
  Now in stock at http://www.junkyspot.com are a couple of the ImplDoll SD sized dolls: 63.5cm Christopher and 64cm Ekin!

I'm going to try to take my own images of these as well, as their pictures don't really do the faceups justice...


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Dream Realm BJDs   
10:16pm 19/10/2009


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01:29pm 14/10/2009
  We received a very limited quantity of the IMPL DOLL 43-44cm dolls today. 60cms coming soon.

Quantity on each model is highly limited as this order was a test run for us to see how well Impl Doll's manufacturing and shipping times would be like as well as to check out their packaging and faceups. So far, this is definitely one company to watch as everything was excellent!


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01:32pm 13/10/2009
  Quick Post:
Finally got in the clear magnetic parts for the SoulDoll Lappy dolls (26cm) we have in stock...we are going to included them for FREE (they're normally $16 each) with the Lappies. Each Lappy comes with a specific set: the Angel Lappy will come with the Angel Wings (large and small), the Devil Lappy comes with devil wings and tail, the Hippie Lappy comes with a cat mask.

Lappy Devil:

Lappy Devil comes with:

Lappy Angel:

Lappy Angel comes with:

Lappy Hippie:

Lappy Hippie comes with:

No extra charge on these transparant parts, and we are not selling the transparant parts seperately at this time. Lappy is available at http://www.junkyspot.com

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ANGELHEIM Now Available for Special Order at The Junky Spot!   
02:57pm 09/10/2009
  The Junky Spot welcomes ANGELHEIM to our lineup! This wonderful Korean BJD Company is pretty new to the community and CHECK OUT their beautiful Medusa Zion boy!!!

While we've already ordered some 71cm MEDUSA ZIONS for our stock, we're now allowing for customer SPECIAL ORDERS! Turnaround time is roughly 45 days from time of order. You can choose a full prepayment, or a down payment of $350 with the balance due when he arrives! You have the options for the basic doll (no snakes) in Pure White, White, and Natural Skintones, Faceup and NonFaceup, without or with Snakes in Pure White, White, and Natural Skintones, and even Snake Body Blushing! Naturally you can see why we're going to do special orders with so many options!


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Elfdoll Blowout Clearance!   
09:21am 01/10/2009

We've SLASHED prices on most models like you would not BELIEVE! And we're not done yet, we have more Elfdoll models to list and more prices to slash! The start of this blowout clearance has SLASHED prices on every 41cm and 60-70cm doll from Elfdoll. But we've got more 60cm models, Special Editions, and Limited Editions from Elfdoll to BLOW OUT that we'll be listing up soon, so make sure to check back! Most models we only have a small amount in stock, so don't delay! Once these dolls are gone...they are gone!

Some quick examples: Pandora LE50, regular $599, now $499! Bambu LE50, regular $745, now $587.99! And etc.

The price slash isn't over yet, today we'll get the 14cm pricing slashed, and over the next few days will be listing up more Elfdoll models that aren't currently on the website at slashed prices, so check back often!
Hujoo's BERRY Now Available!   
12:11am 22/09/2009

The Basic Nonfaceup versions of Hujoo's wonderful 24cm Berry are now in stock! She comes in Cream, Apricot, and Cocoa! Berry is strung with elastic like a traditional ball jointed dolls, however is made of lighter and more durable ABS vinyl! Wonderful articulation at a price that won't break the bank!

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SoulDoll YoSD 26cm LAPPY is in stock   
04:54pm 21/09/2009
  Only a couple of each are currently in stock at http://www.junkyspot.com , but aren't they just freaking adorable????

more images clickee hereCollapse )

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Elfdoll Bambu LE50 in stock   
04:49pm 21/09/2009
  A couple of these are in stock now at http://www.junkyspot.com
They come with an extra head, WITH faceup :)


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Pandora LE50 Preorders Open Now.   
12:56am 10/04/2009


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01:47pm 31/03/2009
  Unnamed as of yet.

Parabox rooted head on an Obitsu 27cm Body. Parabox clothing and Obitsu boots (I glued magnets on the soles as the magnetic feet don't pick up well through these specific boots).

Robotic Wingpack and Earpiece are from a Gundam model kit. They are completely moveable and removable as they are held on with magnets. No modification was needed to the body and head at all, which I did on purpose to allow for people that would prefer an unmodified body. I did have to add magnets (of course) to the Wingpack and the Earpiece. For the body, I slipped a thin square magnet up inside the vinyl body sleeve and for the head, I popped a small cylinder magnet inside the head. I left these loose as the magnets on the earpiece and body are strong enough to "grab" the pieces inside the body and move them to where I put the robotic parts. The nice thing about this is that it allows for the user to move the Wingpack almost anywhere on the back and the earpiece to directly atop the ear or wherever the user desires.

I'll be playing around with more kits as time allows to see what I can come up for armor or whatever. I have a few larger sized ones in mind for the larger dolls.

She also needs a big muddafriggin gun.


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04:48pm 19/03/2009


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